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Medford Fabrication: Operations and Products

Medford Fabrication offers a full range of manufacturing and support services, from initial design and engineering to assembly and shipping. Certified welders, modern shotblast and paint booths, testing facilities, CNC production equipment and more allow Medford Fabrication to meet your needs.
    As an established and experienced supplier to multinational original equipment manufacturers, Medford Fabrication is used to working closely with demanding customers to ensure top quality products dependably delivered at the lowest possible cost. As a long-time manufacturer of its own proprietary products, Medford Fabrication truly understands what it takes to compete in today’s global market. Backed by years of experience in custom fabrication and field erection, Medford Fabrication appreciates the importance of building in quality so that a product fits the first time.


Now doing business as Medford Fabrication, CSC, Inc. (DUNS 00-904-8463), was created from two operations, Medford Steel and Medford Blow Pipe. Both began in the mid-1940’s as separate companies. In 1961, these companies, along with four construction companies, merged into Concrete Steel Corporation. In 1972, the construction divisions were sold and the corporation changed its name to CSC, Inc. The independent steel fabrication subsidiary formed in 1969, Med-Fab, Inc., merged first with Medford Blow Pipe and later, in 1982, with CSC, Inc. Today, Medford Fabrication/CSC, Inc. is owned by the Thorndike family of southern Oregon. Annual sales range between 4 million and 10 million dollars.


Medford Fabrication offers a diverse range of metals fabrication, assembly, installation, and finishing services. From customized one-offs to repetitive production runs, we can plan, engineer, manufacture, test, and document your finished products. Whether you are in the conceptual stage or have complete manufacturing drawings, we have the resources and experience to turn your potential sales into quality, deliverable products.
    Consider the variety of services we provide: heavy weldments and components production for original equipment manufacturers of construction and mining equipment; log forks for our national and international equipment dealer network; miscellaneous and structural steel for the commercial building industry; sweep arm systems for waste water treatment plants; ductwork for world-wide gas turbine installations; and the manufacture and field installation of specialized process manufacturing equipment and fixtures. Whether it be sheet metal, stainless or heavy steel plate, CNC machining, shot-blasting and painting, or crating for international shipment, our facilities provide an integrated and extensive range of capabilities and services.

Manufacturing Plant Data

Corporate offices and plant are located on twelve acres in Medford, Oregon. The facility boasts 100,000 square feet of manufacturing area with an additional 20,000 square feet of warehouse and office space.


Medford Fabrication is successful largely because of the quality of the approximately 30 people the company currently employs.

Quality Assurance Program

As a manufacturer of products to Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Standards for thirty years, Medford has implemented a full range Quality Assurance Program [pdf] (ANSI/ASQC Standard Q9002-1994). This team consists of quality assurance inspectors, a welding program manager with American Welding Society certification as an inspector, and registered professional engineers.
Testing equipment includes an ultrasonic NDT system, welder qualification equipment, hydraulic circuit test stand, paint thickness tester, sound level tester, and hydraulic destructive test facilities.
Certification procedures have been established for materials, production procedures, and employee qualifications.
CSC, Inc., is a licensed contractor in the states of Oregon and California.

Engineering & Manufacturing Systems:

Our design engineering department uses AutoCad 2017, AutoDesk Inventor, AutoCad Lite, and AutoDesk Building Design Suite, for product design and drafting. We have professional engineers on staff who utilize the latest design software, including Working Model 4.0 for complex moving mechanisms and Visual Analysis 3.50.c for structural analysis and design. Our manufacturing engineering group uses SmartCam 11.5 to program Medford's CNC machines and burning operations.
    Manufacturing information is managed using Visibility 6.44 on a Hewlett-Packard 9000/rp3410 64-bit Server which automatically generates work orders, tracks time, parts and labor, order materials and inventory status.



One Pacific 750 ton pressbrake x 16' bed w/CNC gauging
One Accurapress 175 ton pressbrake x 14' bed w/CNC gauging
One Accurapress 100 ton pressbrake x 8' bed w/CNC gauging
One Medford 100 ton bench press
One Pacific 100 ton x 10' hydraulic pressbrake
One Conrac 10 position x 2" capacity tube bender
Two Chicago Box and pan brake x 4'
One Chicago 16 gauge x 10' hand brake
One Niagara 1/4" x 4' rolls
One Montgomery 1/4" x 10' rolls w/pre-bend capacity and cone rolling accessory
One Medford Heavy duty roll power unit w/1" capacity x 8' rolls and 4" capacity x 3' rolls
One Rees 2 -1/2 x 2 -1/2 x3/8" angle iron rolls
One Lockformer 16 gauge lockformer
One Niagara 1/4" x 4' rolls


One Cincinnati 3/4" x 12' shear
One Cincinnati 1/2" x 12' shear
One Niagara 10 gauge x 10' shear


Two Mubea KBLH 700 ironworkers


One Marvel 81A CNC band saw w/auto feed
One Marvel #8 tilting head band saw
One 20" abrasive hot saw


One ESAB Avenger 1 shape cutter w/20' & 45' water table: precision and standard plasma cutting units;
  two oxy/gas torches
Twelve Hypertherm hand operated plasma cutting systems


One Mori Seiki TL5 CNC turret lathe, 20" x 48"
One Mori Seiki MV50 CNC machining center
One Mori Seiki MV35 CNC machining center
One Cincinnatii #4 milling machine
One Scharmann Table type boring mills, 5 1/2"
One Giddings and Lewis Table type boring mill, 6" spindle
One PBR Table type boring mill
One Medford Automatic honing machine
One Boring Mill Drill Sharpener
One WMW #2 tool and cutter grinder
One Darex Drill sharpener
One Yamazen 6' x 20" column radial drill
One Summit Engine lathe, 21" x 120"
One Axelson Engine lathe, 26" x 120"
Five Clausing Drill presses, #2275
Three Climax Keymills
One Climax Portable boring mill


One Jet Wheel blast machine
One Wheelabrator-Frye Shot blast facility, 20' x 20' x 50', ferrous and non-ferrous pots
Two Spray paint booths w/drying room and heaters
One Mastergrinder 24" automatic part grinder

Rolling Stock:

Thirteen Fork lifts, 2,000 to 20,000 lb. cap.
One Kenworth Heavy haul tractor
One Transcraft 44' double-drop trailer w/24' well
One Aztec 42' flatbed trailer
One Bantam 18 ton on-highway hydraulic crane
One Grove 15 ton on-highway hydraulic crane
Two Ford Service trucks and combinations
One MarkLift 1000# Man Lift
Four Golf Carts


One Merlin 15XC plasma gouging system
One Hundred Wire welding machines
Three TIG welding machines
Six Portable welding machines
One Ransome 40,000 lb. welding positioner
Four Wagner 10,000 to 16,000 lb. welding positioners
Six 2,500 to 16,000 lb. welding positioners
One Spot welding machine
One Aronson 30 ton turning roll system
One Welding manipulator

Bridge Cranes:

Two 10 ton
One 7.5 ton
Four 5 ton
One 4 ton
Two 3 ton
Two 2 ton
Five 1 ton
Eleven Jib Cranes (1/2 to 1 ton)


One 150HP/Quincy Screw Air Compressor 740D
One Hydraulic hose cutting and crimping station
One Glass glazing station
Three Wiring and outfitting stations
One Huck fastening and hot riveting system
One Handrail/tubing preparation machine
One Handrail graining tool

Can Medford Fabrication work for you? Contact us today at sales@medfab.com, or consult our “ People of Medfab” list for telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of individuals. (You can write us at PO Box 1588 Medford, Oregon 97501-0244 USA. Our telephone number is 541-779-1970, and our toll free number is 1-800-547-5950.)

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